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[Success stories] .museum, how a historic Internet suffix was revived

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There are nearly 1,500 Internet suffixes to date.

An Internet suffix is a key factor in constructing your digital identity. If well chosen, it says a great deal about your activity and sends a message to users even before they visit your website.

That is the background for the history behind the .museum suffix that I should like to discuss today. Why did it need to be revitalized? And in what ways?

The .museum suffix is for use by museums everywhere, but also by all the people with an interest in or link to the profession and museum work in general, such as curators, museum fans, and so on.

The TLD suffix was created in 2001. But fifteen years later, only 6.7% of the domain names registered in the .museum namespace were actually used.

The Muse Doma International association asked Afnic for an audit of the suffix and a market study to identify the potential for developing the .museum TLD.

Afnic carried out qualitative and quantitative studies of the .museum’s installed base of domain names and its distribution network, as well as an analysis of the market and the competitive environment.

Subsequently, Afnic developed and presented various revival scenarios (opening up to other targets, changes in the allocation process, development of the distribution network, etc.).

As a result of the analysis, the customer decided to give the .museum a complete overhaul and revitalize communication with its targets in order to renew the namespace’s image.

To learn more about the .museum suffix:

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