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Afnic Forum 2019: Digital technology to serve business and authorities

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Logo Afnic Forum 2019


The day of debates and discussions will take place on May 16th at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris from 9:00 AM to 04:00 PM. With this event, Afnic confirms its remit as a public service which consists in the development of a safer Internet that is more stable and open to innovation.  The day will consist of 3 round tables and Afnic products and services for entrepreneurs to develop their online presence, such as the Ré platform will be the subject of specific talks during the day.



09:30 – Opening address by Pierre Bonis – CEO, Afnic


09:45 – Keynote “Digital technology for on-going changes” by Dominique Mockly – CEO, Teréga


10:15 – Round table: “Digital technology and young people: How to make digital education a priority”

Today’s children and adolescents are major consumers of digital tools. It is essential to make them aware of the best practices to adopt, particularly in terms of protecting personal data.

Facilitator: Nicolas Chagny – President, Internet Society France


  • Philippe Ajuelos – Deputy Manager of Education Digital Development, Digital Direction for Education,
    Ministry of National Education and Youth
  • Carina Chatain Marcel – Digital Education Manager, CNIL
  • Benjamin Marteau – CEO of the state-owned start-up Pix
  • Tristan Nitot – Vice President Advocacy, QWANT


11:30 – .FR Performance: Data to boost your business by Marie Berthelot – Product Manager & Mickaël Vigreux – Sales Manager, Afnic


11:45 – Round Table: “Digital technology for regional development”

Local initiatives are multiplying to improve the attractiveness of regions by taking advantage of digital tools. The success of regional geoTLDs, created at the initiative of local authorities, is proof of this: .paris has 21,000 domain names, while the .bzh is supported by 9,000 websites.

Facilitator: Pierre Bonis – CEO, Afnic

Speakers :

  • Didier Célisse – Marketing & Territorial Coordination Manager, Banque des Territoires
  • Florence Durand – Tornare – Founder, Villes-Internet
  • Céline Lanfranchi-Signol – Digital Transformation and Innovation Manager,
    Communauté d’agglomération de Saint-Quentin en Yvelines
  • Benjamin Louis – .alsace Manager,  Agence d’Attractivité de l’Alsace
  • Laurent Riera – Communications and information Director, Rennes Métropole


12:30 – L’Expérience by Sandrine Andro – Head of strategy and digital operation & Nicolas Prévot – Brand Manager, Makheia Group


12:45 – Networking lunch


14:30 – Round table “Digital technology for business performance”

If 94% of VSEs/SMEs consider their online presence essential or useful for their activity* Afnic estimates that one in three still has no online presence. The purpose of this roundtable is to demonstrate the digital opportunities for companies and the range of tools available for them to develop online.

Facilitator: Edouard Rencker, President, Makheia Group

Speakers : 

  • Alain Assouline – Chairman, CINOV-IT
  • Patrick Cocquet – CEO, Cap Digital
  • Laurent Dechaux – Executive VP Southern Europe, SAGE & Syntec Numérique Board member
  • Laura Hiel – Deputy Head of Digital Use Unit, Directorate-General for Entreprise
  • Lucile Ravasse – Marketing Manager, Afnic


15:15 –  “Cybersecurity: how to prevent DNS attacks” by Régis Massé – CTO, Afnic


15:30 – .FR Lock: Protect your strategic domain names by Marie Berthelot – Product Manager, Afnic


16:00 – Closing address by Pierre Bonis – CEO, Afnic


16:15 : Networking cocktail


*Results of the study Réussir avec le Web study, December 2018

About Afnic

Afnic is the acronym for Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération, the French Network Information Centre. The registry has been appointed by the French government to manage domain names under the .fr Top Level Domain. Afnic also manages the .re (Reunion Island), .pm (Saint-Pierre and Miquelon), .tf (French Southern and Antarctic Territories), .wf (Wallis and Futuna) and .yt (Mayotte) French Overseas TLDs.

In addition to managing French TLDs, Afnic’s role is part of a wider public interest mission, which is to contribute on a daily basis, thanks to the efforts of its teams and its members, to a secure and stable internet, open to innovation and in which the French internet community plays a leading role. As part of that mission, Afnic, a non-profit organization, has committed to devoting 11% of its Revenues from managing .fr Top Level Domain to actions of general interest, in particular by transferring €1.3 million each year to the Afnic Foundation for Digital Solidarity.
Afnic is also the back-end registry for the companies as well as local and regional authorities that have chosen to have their own TLD, such as .paris, .bzh, .alsace, .corsica, .mma, .ovh, .leclerc and .sncf.

Established in 1997 and based in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Afnic currently has nearly 90 employees.