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AFNIC General Assembly of June 19th, 2008: status modifications and presentation of the 2007 activity report

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Press release June 20th 2008

AFNIC has presented its activity report during its General Assembly that took place on June 19th, 2008.
AFNIC members, then gathered in an extraordinary General Assembly have passed the modifications to the status,
as proposed by the Board of Directors. Details.

The General Assembly gathering on June 19th, 2008 gave the opportunity to present the new AFNIC activity report
highlighting the main topics of the past year, that are:

.fr has enjoyed an important growth (+ 40%) in 2007 almost reaching the one million mark, and going far beyond since then.
This development has been made possible thanks to political and technical changes implemented in 2007 in order to meet registrars and
registrants needs.
Publication of the Decree on domain names of February 6th, 2007
has been the main event of the year as far as AFNIC is concerned.
Long term work then started to be ready for the future request for proposals and to fine tune AFNIC’s goals on the mid-long term.

Thus, during the extraordinary General Assembly following the publication of the decree,
AFNIC’s status modification has been passed.
One modification is about the purpose of AFNIC (article 2) which is now to:

implement Internet domain name allocation as mentioned on article L.45 of the French postal and
electronic communications law (Code des postes et des communications électroniques);
develop support services for applications digital economy sector and supply to service providers;
transfer knowledge and know-how acquired with regard to name allocation nationally and internationally;
and fulfil any other task assigned to it by the authorities to manage the Internet.

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AFNIC Activity report 2007

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About the AFNIC
(Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération )

Non-profit organization, the AFNIC is in charge of the administrative and technical management of the .fr (France) and .re (Reunion Island) Internet domain names.
The AFNIC brings together public and private members: representatives from the French government, Internet users and Internet Service Providers (Registrars).
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