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AFNIC launches SYRELI, the new Dispute Resolution System

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The terms and conditions concerning Syreli, the new dispute resolution system developped by AFNIC, was published on 3 November in the French Officiel Journal. The interface will be available on 21 November.

The dispute resolution system is part of the new legal framework set up following the decision dated 6 October 2010 of the French Constitutional Council.



How Syreli works


  • The domain name must have been created or renewed after 1 July 2011


  • The procedure will apply to the .fr TLD, the .re TLD once it is open, and to all the extensions managed by AFNIC, starting on 6 December 2011.


  • AFNIC issues its ruling based solely on the documents and statements filed by both parties.


  •  The examination fee is set at €250 excl. VAT, and is paid by the complainant.


  • The complainant has the onus to prove:
    • that s/he has a valid interest to act and,
    • that the domain name involved in the dispute is:
      •  liable to disrupt public order or morality, or the rights guaranteed by the French Constitution or French law; or
      • liable to infringe intellectual property rights or personal rights, and that the owner has no legitimate interest and is acting in bad faith;or
      • identical or related to that of the French Republic, of a local authority or group of local authorities, of an institution or a local or national public service, and that the owner has no legitimate interest and is acting in bad faith.


 Changes brought by SYRELI:


  • AFNIC issues its ruling within two months of receipt of the complete dispute file


  •  The holder has 21 days to answer the complainant’s demand, and may at any moment modify his/her answer within this time period


  •  With the holder’s consent, the decision is immediately enforceable without waiting for the end of the appeal period


  • Appeals concerning the decisions of the Registry may be brought before a judge in appeal

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