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Dot Award 2014 Contest - Enter your site with the .fr TLD and win a tablet!

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Open to any individual or group of pupils or students* with a website under the .fr TLD, the Dot Award 2014 contest is organized by Afnic (the Registry for the .fr TLD), in partnership with the FundatiópuntCat – the Registry for the .cat TLD (Catalonia) and various international counterparts.

For Afnic, the contest has a number of objectives:

  • Encourage school and educational projects involving websites;
  • Involve young people in the Internet as publishers and not merely as users;
  • Develop the value of content as well as technical skills.

To do so, the organizers will reward the best projects with gifts such as tablets but also vouchers worth 750 euros!


Why it’s worth taking part

For Baptise Thevelin, representing and winner of the 1st Prize in the Dot Award 2013 contest in the “best content category” 

“Our participation and success in the Dot Award contest gave us a certain degree of credibility at the national level, resulting in a large number of new contacts and partners.  Afterwards, we were contacted by a wide range of media to present our editorial project, which was given much greater credibility after being backed by this European prize. The Dot Award contest allowed us to develop the Maze magazine application on mobiles and tablets as well as allow our editors to cover cultural news in greater depth.”



image mazemag website


For Jean-Charles Deglesne, representing and winner of the 1st Prize in the Dot Award 2013 contest in the “best design category”

“As the winner of the first prize in the best design category of the 2013 edition, the Dot Award contest gave our website greater visibility after being relayed by the local media, who still keep close tabs on our career.”


image maison canuts website

The different stages of the contest

The Dot Award 2014 contest takes place in two stages:

  • During the first stage – from December 3, 2013 to March 14, 2014 – Afnic receives the entries from French pupils and students in three different categories:  Design, Content and Information Technology. For each category, the Afnic jury awards 3 prizes in accordance with the contest rules and regulations, or a total of 9 prizes.                                                                                                                                                             In each of the 3 categories, a tablet is up for grabs as well as vouchers worth 70 and 50 euros!
  • After this first stage, the 9 French winners are entered for the second stage of the contest, between all the winners from the various countries involved. The Fundació puntCAT, the Registry for domain names with the .cat TLD, receives the winning entries from each organizer in the Dot Award 2014 contest. The entries will each compete in their original category, namely Design, Content and Information Technology.             The best sites in each category win prizes – ranging between 750 and 350 euros – awarded in May 2014!


To find out more:                          

–        Enter for the first stage of the contest