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Letter from "Registre Internet Français" (DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH)

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The letter (example to download)offers, for .fr domain names holders, a registration service in the “Registre Internet Français” directory for amounts between 800 and 1,000 euros.
Because of the many questions this letter has risen and in order to clarify the situation, the AFNIC would like to make clear that it has no link whatsoever with DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH, Postfach 760230, 22052 Hamburg, Germany, and that it does not offer any services of that kind.
In addition, the AFNIC invites you to read its guide on slamming, dated September 2006.

About the AFNIC
(Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération )
Non-profit organization, the AFNIC is in charge of the administrative and technical management of the .fr (France) and .re (Reunion Island) Internet domain names.
The AFNIC brings together public and private members: representatives from the French government, Internet users and Internet Service Providers (Registrars).
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