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The AFNIC carries on anycast deployment

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The AFNIC goes on with reinforcing its service level on the French country-code Top Level Domains
it administrates.
In regards to these plans, the AFNIC has recently implemented a second batch of new servers
based on the anycast technology in order to increase the sturdiness as well as the quality of the DNS (Domain Name Service)
of the administered zones, including .fr zone.

The anycast technology allows to free oneself from the geographical localization of sensitive servers. At the same time, while its
geographical scope extends, it improves the DNS service quality by its response time and its sturdiness as it offers a better resistance to
denial of service attacks (DoS).

To complete its first cooperation with Autonomica, the AFNIC has chosen PCH.
Originally formed in 1994, Packet Clearing House is a non-profit research institute that provides
neutral independent network interconnection and operates at major exchange points worldwide.

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About the AFNIC
(Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération )

Non-profit organization, the AFNIC is in charge of the administrative and technical management of the .fr (France) and .re (Reunion Island) Internet domain names.
The AFNIC brings together public and private members: representatives from the French government, Internet users and Internet Service Providers (Registrars).
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