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The Internet in 10 years ? Professionals answer the Afnic survey

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Supervised by the Scientific Council of Afnic and carried out by the INIT Company, the survey is designed to provide a common overview of technological trends. Based on the forecasts made by Internet professionals and users, the survey indicates:

  • How we shall access the Internet in 10 years’ time. For example, for many people, the use of desktop computers and laptops, which are the dominant mode of access at present, will decrease in favor of other media such as tablets, smartphones, TV, etc.
  • How Internet uses and content will change over the next decade. For many respondents, the modes of exchange on the Internet that are already widely used will increase over the next 10 years
  • What the main data storage techniques and technology will be like over the next 10 years. For example, if in the workplace today data storage issues are mainly taken care of by employers, that system of data storage will decrease, but will remain the main method. The share of data storage media provided by third parties or of data managed by third parties will increase.
  • The technological trends on which there is consensus and those on which there is divergence


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