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Training programme: DNS Administrator

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For some years now, both public and private actors have been seeing certain Internet services become inaccessible on account of problems linked to their DNS hosting. These breakdowns have considerable consequences: clients unable to access their bank accounts, online stores inaccessible, public services closed, etc. The robustness of DNS services generally suggests that Internet services are functioning normally; so, without a suitable DNS administration, an organisation can become extremely vulnerable.

It is essential for any organisation to have skilled administration that allows it to maintain a comprehensive, high-quality DNS service, whether it is hosted in-house or entrusted to a hosting service provider.

Description and teaching objectives of the training programme

This training course will enable you to

  • Design a DNS architecture that provides quality resolution by implementing the best practices in the industry
  • Configure your DNS zone so as to prevent dysfunctions
  • Identify and resolve problems linked to DNS using benchmark tools and software
  • Assess the quality of your configuration using diagnostic examples of problematic configurations
  • Define operational standards (robustness, performance, etc.) to help you choose and evaluate your DNS host


2 days

Target audience

DNS Administrators, System and Network Administrators, CIOs, deputy CIOs


participants must either perform administrative tasks in the area of DNS or have completed Afnic’s “Basics of the DNS and the Domain Name Industry” course.


Stéphane Bortzmeyer, DNS Expert & R&D Engineer, Afnic


The training will be delivered online using our video-conference tool.
A connection link will be sent to you once your registration has been completed.


Practical exercises will be carried out throughout the course to help assimilate the methods and concepts presented.


€1,600 excl. tax per participant
If you wish to register several persons from your organisation, please contact us for a quotation.

NDA DIRECTTE: 11788446878

Our experts can adapt to your needs and design a custom training course.

Contact us for a personalised quotation
  • Day 1 – Understanding the functioning of the DNS in detail

    Session 1: The DNS Administrator’s toolbox

    • API data feed
    • Dynamic DNS update
    • Reading in a DBMS
    • Chain resolvers
    • DNS Load Balancing Systems
    • Filtering resolvers / fake resolvers

    Session 2: Designing an effective architecture

    • The DNS Administrator’s toolbox (continued):
      • DNSSEC
      • CDS/CDNSKey
      • Implementing catalogue zones
    • The various feed possibilities
    • The process of resolution in a complex architecture

    Day 2 – Optimising the DNS architecture

    Session 1: Management and resolution of incidents

    • Analysing the quality of the configuration using Zonemaster and DNSviz
    • Active measurement from several points in the network using RIPE Atlas probes
    • Quality control with Zonemaster

    Session 2: Management and resolution of incidents (continued)

    • Query load simulation with DNSPerf
    • The attack test
    • Benchmark tools
    • Assessing robustness
    • Operational assessment of the DNS hoster

Upcoming training sessions

April 3 & 4, 2024
June 6 & 7, 2024

If anyone participating in the training course has a disability, please contact us on +33 (0)1 39 30 83 59 so we can make suitable arrangements.

Please contact us

Last updated on 29th November 2023