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Richard Coffre

Richard Coffre


Project Manager


Richard Coffre joined Afnic in March 2018 as Project Manager, taking charge of coordinating the overhaul of the domain name registration system, a project that was successfully completed in 2022. On an everyday basis, his role consists in acting as facilitator between the various departments and IT, applying the Agile method, with the objective of implementing the best solutions to ensure projects are a success. Lastly, within the framework of the range of training courses offered by Afnic, Richard conducts sessions on the specificities and issues at stake in Internet governance. Having qualified as an engineer at EISTI (CY Tech) in 1992, Richard began his career with development assignments in business informatics for key accounts and in the course of time became first a project manager then a consultant. He was project supervisor with PagesJaunes, then headed a team of business analysts with Pixmania before becoming an Agile Coach with Zenika. In parallel with his duties, he has been running courses on Agile project management for more than ten years.