Qui sommes-nous ? Qui sommes-nous ?

Our team

At Afnic, we rely on the expertise of both our employees and our partners to steer our choices. Ambassadors of the internet made in France, these experts ensure the excellence of the hardware and software infrastructure behind French domain name operations as well as the application of and compliance with registry policy, the fight against abuse, the development of online presence, etc. Everything that contributes to a secure and simple internet accessible to all.

The Management Committee supports the CEO in the implementation of an organisation structured into 7 departments and based on processes that foster collaborative projects and continuous improvement in all fields.

Afnic Organisation chart

Our main spokespersons

Benoit Ampeau : Ampeau Benoît

Benoît Ampeau Partnerships and Innovation Director, Afnic

Ampeau Benoît
Sandoche : Balakrichenan Sandoche

Sandoche Balakrichenan Partnership Research Director, Afnic

Balakrichenan Sandoche
Lotfi Benyelles : Benyelles Lotfi

Lotfi Benyelles Head of Consulting and Training, Afnic

Benyelles Lotfi
Marie Berthelot Afnic : Berthelot Marie

Marie Berthelot Product Manager

Berthelot Marie
Pierre-Bonis-DG-Afnic-Paysage-Couleur-light1 : Bonis Pierre

Pierre Bonis Chief Executive Officer of Afnic

Bonis Pierre
Stéphane Bortzmeyer : Bortzmeyer Stéphane

Stéphane Bortzmeyer R&D expert engineer, Afnic

Bortzmeyer Stéphane
nathalie boulvard 3 : Boulvard Nathalie

Nathalie Boulvard Legal expert & Data Privacy Officer, Afnic

Boulvard Nathalie
Photo Lucien Castex : Castex Lucien

Lucien Castex Representative for Public Affairs, Afnic

Castex Lucien
Floriane Duel 2 : Duel Floriane

Floriane Duel Afnic Senior legal expert

Duel Floriane
Loic Damilaville : Damilaville Loïc

Loïc Damilaville Survey and Market Intelligence Manager, Afnic

Damilaville Loïc
Caroline Duval Favre : Duval-Favre Caroline

Caroline Duval-Favre Purchasing and Finance Director, Afnic

Duval-Favre Caroline
Marianne Georgelin : Georgelin Marianne

Marianne Georgelin Afnic Legal Director, Afnic

Georgelin Marianne
HUBBARD-Anthony-photo-identite : Hubbard Anthony

Anthony Hubbard Chief Information Security Officer, Afnic

Hubbard Anthony
vincent levigneron : Levigneron Vincent

Vincent Levigneron DNS technical architect, Afnic

Levigneron Vincent
herve-martin : Martin Hervé

Hervé Martin Director of Human Resources, Quality of Life in the Workplace, Afnic

Martin Hervé
regis-masse : Massé Régis

Régis Massé Director of Information Systems and Chief Technical Officer, Afnic

Massé Régis
Julie Menant : Menant Julie

Julie Menant Legal Counsel

Menant Julie
cedric-michel-flandin : Michel-Flandin Cédric

Cédric Michel-Flandin Key Accounts Manager, Afnic

Michel-Flandin Cédric
Samia-MTimet-Afnic : Mtimet Samia

Samia Mtimet R&D engineer, Afnic

Mtimet Samia
Lucile Ravasse : Ravasse Lucile

Lucile Ravasse Marketing Manager

Ravasse Lucile
Raphaël Roc : Roc Raphaël

Raphaël Roc Marketing Officer

Roc Raphaël
Isabelle Toutaud : Toutaud Isabel

Isabel Toutaud Managing Director of the Afnic Foundation for Digital Solidarity

Toutaud Isabel
emilie-turbat : Turbat Emilie

Emilie Turbat Marketing and Commercial Director, Afnic

Turbat Emilie
Marc van der Wal :  van der Wal Marc

Marc van der Wal R&D engineer

van der Wal Marc
Pascal Vella : Vella Pascal

Pascal Vella Digital Communications Manager, Afnic

Vella Pascal
mickael-vigreux : Vigreux Mickaël

Mickaël Vigreux Sales Manager, Afnic

Vigreux Mickaël
Cristian Hesselman : Hesselman Cristian

Cristian Hesselman Director SIDN Labs

Hesselman Cristian
Thymen Wabeke : Wabeke  Thymen

Thymen Wabeke Research Engineer SIDN Labs

Wabeke Thymen
Maciej Korczyński  : Korczyński Maciej

Maciej Korczyński Associate Professor at Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble (Grenoble INP-UGA)

Korczyński Maciej