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Sandoche Balakrichenan



Partnership Research Director


Sandoche Balakrichenan gained his doctorate in computer science and networks from the Pierre & Marie Curie University. He moved from the position of R&D Engineer to be Partnership Research Director. He is currently the back office coordinator for the Zonemaster project, and the back-office contact for Afnic's ANR DiNS project. He launched and coordinated the DNS Task Force at LoRa Alliance, along with the Open Roaming Academic Initiative. He is also a scientific tutor for a doctoral student, an Expert Examiner in IoT at Cap Digital and Co-Chair of the IoT Working Group at RIPE. Sandoche is an active participant in several standardisation and related organisations such as GS1, LoRa-Alliance, RIPE, IETF, and AIOTI, and has contributed to the GS1 ONS standards and LoRaWAN back-end specifications. He is the author or co-author of 17 peer-reviewed articles.