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Samia Mtimet



Ex-R&D engineer from 2002 to 2023


Samia M'timet has worked in the Internet and DNS field for 25 years. After initial work experience in Tunisia, and two years in a US start-up in the early 2000s, she joined Afnic in 2002. At Afnic, Samia worked at first on a research project (ENUM from 2002-2004: use of the telephone number as the main subscriber identifier and DNS support as a means of publication). She then joined the back-end registry department as a development engineer, helping to develop the registration system for .fr domain names and then for other ccTLDs that joined the Afnic registry. In 2011 Samia joined the Labs service, participating in the Observatory on Internet Resilience in France (ANSSI-AFNIC joint project). Her work led her to take an interest in the collection of network data (DNS and others) to understand the condition of a system (the local network, the Internet in France). She currently supports a cross-functional team (R&D and production) to help implement the technologies required to enhance the traceability of events occurring on the computer system of the Afnic registry, and to improve its resistance to breakdowns and attacks.