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Our professions

Engineers or technicians, programmers, business managers and customer support services: our professions are those of a network, where excellence goes hand in hand with teamwork and awareness of others.

Experts in all things registry, Afnic draws on specialist skills in internet infrastructure: programmers, administrators (DNS, network or database), system operations technicians, etc.

We also recruit in customer relations – ready to assist both our clients and registrars(account manager, support agent), and in tune with the market to develop our new services (business manager)

In all of our professions, our employees combine their business expertise with the values we apply to the internet: integrity, teamwork and community spirit, engagement and a taste for collective challenges. 

As part of our in-house HR training policy, we also encourage work-based training and host students on work placements (engineering schools), skills acquisition and work-study contracts every year.


Programmers design and develop the products and services operated by Afnic, in a cutting edge technical environment. They mainly work on internet services, the standards and norms for which they are well versed in. In contact with the international online community, they actively participate in discussions on the technological advances of the internet. They also contribute to the smooth development of the company’s IT and the domain name management business in particular.

DNS, network, systems and database administrators

Our administrators are architects of the everyday technical performance of Afnic’s services. Their role is to design, secure and develop production infrastructures. They are also at the core of the implementation of security infrastructure and adapt to new changes in internet standards and technologies.

System operations technician

System operations technicians have the crucial task of ensuring the correct functioning of Afnic’s technical infrastructures on a daily basis. They ensure the supervision and maintenance of servers, and notably the French Whois database and authoritative name servers for the naming spaces managed by Afnic. They also manage in-house IT and ensure that employees work in the best conditions possible.

Account manager

Account managers are the technical and operational intermediaries for Registrars. They maintain a close relationship with these clients thanks to their dual technical and commercial skills. They are therefore able to handle any issues that fall outside of the automated processes, provide support for registrars when launching new services and examine requests for developments and specific services.

Customer support agents

Customer support agents are there to inform and guide our clients, holders and users by responding to their requests for information by email and phone. They help our clients solve problems in using our services. Specifically trained in the technical hotline, they know the technical protocols used (DNS, EPP, etc.) and can help Registrars with diagnostics and repairs.

Business manager

Business managers are on hand to help our clients and internet users and play a crucial role in developing the catalogue of services offered by Afnic and promoting our new products in coordination with the R&D department.