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Report a domain name that is unlawful or contrary to public order

Unlawful content on the Internet

If you are a witness to or a victim of unlawful content on the Internet (paedophilia or child pornography, terrorism or apology for terrorism, incitement to hatred based on race, ethnicity or religion, racism, anti-Semitism or xenophobia, etc.), contact the dedicated platform of the Ministry of the Interior directly by clicking on this link:


Information on cybercrime

Afnic, a member of the “ACYMA” (Action Against Cyber Crime) public interest grouping, works actively on awareness-raising, prevention and support in terms of the digital safety of the population.

If you fall victim to acts of cybercrime such as phishing, spam, bank card fraud, identity theft, account piracy, etc., we urge you to follow the recommendations of ACYMA.

(Clicking on the above link will redirect you to the website of ACYMA)

If you think you are a victim of a cybercrime, we recommend you use the online assistance tool offered free of charge by ACYMA to assess your problem and apply appropriate advice to remedy it.

To report domestic, sexual or gender-based violence, we recommend you use the dedicated form provided by the State.

Report to Afnic a domain name that is unlawful or contrary to public order

If you wish to report an unlawful .fr, .pm, .re, .tf, .wf or .yt domain name to Afnic or one that is contrary to public order, you can use the form below.

In application of the Post and Electronic Communications Code, Afnic will take the appropriate measures in the context of this report and if necessary will apply the provisions of the current .fr naming policy.

IMPORTANT: Afnic will only take action regarding reports on domain names and only for the TLDs managed by the association (examples:,,, etc.) and not on the unlawful contents themselves (see above).


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