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When Larry page announced the newly founded Alphabet a week ago[1], the first thing the domain name industry saw was the website’s url: New Top-Level domain enthusiasts in general, and the .xyz CEO in particular[2], could not wish for better publicity. Google has officially adopted new gTLDs.

The 100 new gTLD applications filed by Charleston Road Registry (a Google subsidiary) back in 2012, worth 185 million dollars in application fees alone, were already an indication of their interest in this innovation. But the use of this highly symbolic name is worth even more for the domain name industry in terms of publicity.

Google’s announcement is a perfect introduction to a sector which usually gets little exposure. It has provoked plenty of stories in the news.  How did Google get this domain name? Why not ? The controversial success of .xyz ? Meanwhile, in France, what’s happening with new gTLDs ?

My next entries will share some of these stories and other related news.  I hope it will help those, as Larry Page said, who “are still getting used to the name!”

[1] The website went live on August ,10th.