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The advantages of corporate communication under a brand TLD

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When we think of the possible uses and numerous advantages of a brand TLD, the opportunities of new services and innovation are often the first that spring to mind. And rightly so, since these uses represent strong potential. However, brand TLDs present big advantages in terms of corporate communication that it would be a pity to relegate to a second tier. Indeed, when associated with an appropriate editorial line and content, a custom TLD helps strengthen the brand’s position in its various messages.

A content authenticity label

By its very nature, the content of corporate websites has “official” or brand reference status. We almost systematically find a press room, an investor space and a job offer space. The content is designed for certain target groups (journalists, opinion leaders, financial analysts, job candidates, etc.) that are particularly concerned with the accuracy, authenticity and source of the information that they intend subsequently to re-use. The brand TLD gives a kind of labelling and reinforces the corporate website in its role as reference source of information. This umbrella signature is expressed in the URL, showing that all the data and particulars on the brand are available here. In this regard, the KPMG group’s new corporate website is a good example.

Multiple possible subdomains

Multiple subdomains are possible, depending on the group’s corporate strategy. For example, a brand may have a group website plus a corporate website for each country or geographical region where it is established.

Subdomains can also be for certain strategic target groups. A or a www.investors.brand subdomain allow you to offer content and services entirely dedicated to journalists and investors respectively. A way of providing simple and intuitive access to the information sought by these key stakeholder groups.

Clearer corporate actions

Businesses are taking ever more initiatives in the area of CSR and now offer numerous content items accessible online to illustrate the actions taken and to provide reference data on the impact of their activity. Offering access to these resources with a custom TLD is particularly useful in terms of communication. It shows that the business is tackling these issues and that it provides, in its own name, data and other resources to its whole community. This thus increases the visibility of the brand’s commitment and actions. For example, retailer Leclerc’s “New Consumption Observatory” is available as a subdomain of .leclerc ( These data and contents on new consumer practices are thus clearly provided under the aegis of the brand, which too reinforces its stance. We might also cite the example of the foundation of insurance company MMA (, or that of Club Med, which presents its entire CSR strategy under the subdomain

The possibility of a smooth transition

In addition to the numerous advantages referred to above, corporate websites and structures are good candidates for initial switches to brand TLDs as part of a roll-out plan. Less exposed than services or e-commerce websites, they allow tests to be carried out and certain communications actions to be initiated under the brand TLD. The organisation gradually takes ownership of this tool and familiarises its public with this new signature before shifting its services more widely online. In short, a very valuable adoption phase, before rolling out the brand TLD on a wider scale!