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Afnic Annual Report: Changes in 2012 Detailed

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Afnic’s Annual General Meeting was held on 7 June 2013. In addition to the appointment of a new Board and a new Chairman – in the person of Emmanuel Sartorius – the event provided an opportunity to disclose the contents of the 2012 annual report.

2012 was marked by three major changes:

  •  Afnic’s contract as the registry for the .fr TLD was renewed for a period of 5 years. The trust shown in the association is based on a number of its commitments, including the implementation of a cost accounting system for the .fr TLD and the creation of a Support Fund for the Development of the Internet (FSDI);
  • As part of the process of creation of new gTLDs, Afnic supported (and continues to support) the initiators of 17 projects. In so doing, it is positioned as the leading technical registry operator in France in terms of numbers of customers;
  •  Parallel to these developments, the registry for the .fr TLD initiated a global risk management process and improved its governance by setting up Board committees (Finance and Risk Management Committee, Registry Policy Committee);


In 2013, operations approved in 2012 should be carried out, such as the creation of the FSDI, integration within the root of at least one of the new extensions in which Afnic is involved, promotion of the .fr TLD or transfers of R&D results. These changes show that Afnic is capable of integrating issues crucial for the Internet, and of meeting the challenges facing all of its stakeholders.


Reminder: in 2012 Afnic represented:

–  67 employees;

–  A turnover of 13.4 million euros;

–  2.5 million domain names;

–  An annual growth of 15% for the .fr TLD;

–  Management of 6 ccTLDs;

–  Support for the initiators of 17 projects as part of the opening of new gTLDs

2012 Afnic activity report

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