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AFNIC has filed its applications to manage the 11 French extensions

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Following the publication in the Official Journal of the French Republic on 20 March of the calls for applications to manage the top-level extensions corresponding to France and its overseas territories, AFNIC officially applied to act as the registry for all the extensions included in the calls, namely:

  •      .fr for France;
  •      .bl for Saint-Barthélemy;
  •      .gf for French Guiana;
  •     .gp for Guadeloupe;
  •     .mf for Saint-Martin;
  •     .mq for Martinique;
  •     .pm for Saint-Pierre and Miquelon;
  •     .re for Reunion Island
  •      .tf for the French Southern and Antarctic Territories;
  •      .wf for Wallis and Futuna;
  •      and .yt for Mayotte.

AFNIC has received support from more than 660 parties for its applications to act as the registry for the .fr TLD and the French overseas extensions. Support has been received from:

  • 305 individuals
  • 172 companies
  • 104 registrars
  • 38 registries
  • 8 legal experts and intellectual property specialists
  • 19 representatives from academia et research
  • 14 political representatives


We should like to express our warm thanks to all of our supporters for their recognition, which further underlines the benefits of AFNIC:

  • rigorous management, focusing on the public interest;
  • an open, associative mode of governance, designed to serve one and all;
  • a reinvestment policy fostering the security, innovation and development of the Internet at the national and international level.

The results of the call for applications for the .fr TLD are expected to be announced no later than 30 June.


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