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Afnic launches the first edition of its "Coaching Days'

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Afnic Conseil, the partner for innovative internet extensions

Whether an organization is already the registry for a TLD or intends to have its own TLD, Afnic Conseil offers 360° support to launch or develop that internet namespace.

As the number one registry solutions provider in France, Afnic is a key partner for providing food for thought and formalizing digital strategies before operationally supporting their deployment.

The range of expert services available corresponds to the various stages in a project for an internet extension:

  • Becoming a registry in order to launch your own TLD
  • Enhancing the registry in order to adapt an existing infrastructure to your development objectives
  • Developing your business to boost the use of an existing extension by targets

Coaching Days, to develop your digital namespace

“Coaching Days” provide a perfect opportunity for brands, regional authorities and communities to win tailor-made support to develop their digital strategy.

A choice of 3 types of support can be won:

The organization whose proposal will be selected will benefit from a service related to its needs provided by Afnic experts:

A feasibility study

As a first step for organizations wishing to develop a new digital namespace for their community or brand on the internet and which are considering having their own TLD, this study is designed to assess their proposal – benchmarking, target analysis, identifying the added value of a custom domain extension in their digital strategy, etc. – and draft a roadmap.

A technical study

This study, designed for organizations that already have an internet extension, serves to identify areas of technical improvement and provide support in implementing and optimizing the organization’s infrastructure, covering issues such as DNS management, enhancing security with DNSSEC, deploying IPv6, a VPN, analyzing the security of a website, a network, etc.

An analysis of the legacy system

This service is for organizations that already have their internet namespace and wish to develop its use. The analysis covers the strengths and weaknesses of the existing TLD, including issues such as registry policy, distribution network, marketing mix, etc.

Who can apply

Any company, nonprofit organization, federation or group of associations.

How to apply

Candidates can  to submit one or more proposal(s) for one of the 3 types of support mentioned above, until February 28, 2019 by filling in the form available at:

The selection criteria

A jury will study the files received and proceed to select the winner based on 4 criteria:

  • The degree to which the proposal is in line with Afnic’s skills and with the rules and regulations of the Call for proposals
  • The long-term need reflected by the proposal
  • The innovative nature of the proposal
  • The quality of the application file


Afnic will announce the selected proposal on April 5, 2019

For further information, please see: