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AFNIC will modify some of its procedure before the liberalization of .fr and .re TLDs

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Here is below a copy of the e-mail sent by AFNIC to its registrars on the 20th January 2004.



Before the liberalization of the .fr and .re TLDs, AFNIC is going to
modify some of its procedures. The modifications will be put into effect 5 weeks
before the liberalization date of .fr and .re (i.e, on Monday 5 April 2004).
Here are the changes brought up by the modifications:

The mandatory sending of the commitment letter
will be suppressed
for all registrars (whether option 1 or 2).
For the 5 weeks preceeding the liberalization, the right to a name will be applied normally and
the commitment letter will be requested if necessary (i.e in case of a conflict).

The general modification operation (operation M) through the online
form will be replaced by two operations:

Technical modification (T): this operation already exists. To
succeed, this operation must pass the ZoneCheck v2 test.

Administrative modification (A): this operation will be
initialised through the online form
and will create a new ticket in
order to follow the requested change. No technical checking is done
with this operation.

The maximum lifetime of a ticket has been lowered to 2 months.
The reminders will be sent to registrars every 2 weeks instead of every
month previously. If a ticket exceed 2 months, it will be charged.
Moreover, before the liberalization (the exact date will be communicated
sometime in February), all tickets which will not be finished will be
canceled by AFNIC. So the non-finished requests will need to be created
again after the liberalization. If one of your customers has a right to a
name, it is advised not to wait until the last moment to register it.

Modifications concerning the technical specifications (new ticket
type) will be provided at the end of February.

The complete schedule for the liberalization will be provided

Best regards,