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An IPv6 address for the AFNIC official website

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From July, 25th 2006, the AFNIC official website,, has got an IPv6 address.

The Association pursues its active contribution to IPv6 deployment in which it has been involved since 2000.
Amongst others, the AFNIC has already configured IPv6 adresses for .fr and .re name servers and has permitted the delegation of .fr and .re domain names to IPv6 servers.

IPv6 is the new version of the Internet Protocol (IP) that rules Internet; it is under deployment to succeed IPv4.
The IPv6 protocol allows to increase the number of IP adresses. It is essential for the Internet growth in the future, unless limiting this growth to the first arrived or unless reducing the number of usable applications on the Network.

The AFNIC is aware that some browsers supporting IPv6 but connected to a network that is not fully compatible with this protocol, may experience difficulties to join our website If you do encounter such a problem, please
send us a message with the information below:

precise version of your browser,
exact version your operating system,
name of your ISP,
IP addresses of your machine.

You can check your connection to our website: its is displayed at right side of the AFNIC logo (that is present on top left of every page).
If you use IPv4, you can see a static little star with “IPv4”. If you use IPv6, the star twinkles and comes with “IPv6” acronym.