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Continuation of the KLTE Ltd case

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Summary judgment on March 7th, 2006(1)

France-Printemps, Free, NRJ , NRJ Group, Radio Nostalgie, Printemps, Redcats and Somewhere companies applied for a summary judgment against KLTE Ltd.
The summary judgment takes place on Tuesday March 7th, 2006(1), at 9 a.m. in front of the judge in chambers of the Versailles Higher Level Court.

These legal actions follow up the blocking of the KLTE Ltd domain names portfolio, which the AFNIC’s Board of directors decided in
July 2005.

The AFNIC takes this opportunity to remind the pertinence and legitimacy of the KLTE domain names blocking and to join in with the plaintiffs’ course of action.
The claimants request from the Court to entitle the AFNIC to carry out by itself the transfer of domain names, should the KLTE Ltd Company resist.

The AFNIC thus demonstrates that it fits in the broad outlines of its action, i.e. taking steps against
obvious violation of its Charter.
In addition, the AFNIC published a legal claimants guide.

(1) : The summary judgment was postponed to April 4th, 2006.

Provisional order ruling of April 25th, 2006

Information added on May 30th, 2006.

After the summary procedure of April 4th, 2006, the ruling of
the Versailles Higher Level Court was given.

The Judge authorized the AFNIC, after a 15 days delay after the ruling, to
transfer the contentious domain names to each of the companies who
participated to the procedure. He also authorised the AFNIC to dismiss KLTE
Limited from their requests placed against the AFNIC.

The President justified the action taken by the AFNIC and authorized to
continue blocking the domain names already registered by KLTE Limited
as well as blocking future registrations.

Precisions were made that “the AFNIC did not proceede to any blows by
blocking the KLTE Limited domain names, but on the contrary, respected
its obligations towards the naming charter”.

Provisional order ruling of April 25th, 2006, France Printemps & Others / KLTE, AFNIC, Versailles Higher Level Court.

List of KLTE Ltd.’s domain names affected by a blocking operation
updated in real time, with the current file processing, subject to omissions or pending operations.