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Digital prevention: Afnic joins the CNIL network ‘Educnum’

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These actors have been working since 2013 to promote and support actions to encourage a true “citizen-based digital culture”.

In addition to its initiatives to support SMEs/VSEs master their online presence over the last few years, Afnic is now targeting young people by placing the accent on the responsible, controlled and independent use of their online presence. Since October 2019, it has been running workshops across France, in higher education institutions that have partnered with the operation, and published a variation of its platform Commence par Ré [Start by Succeeding in .fr], dedicated to young people.

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“Given this backdrop, and our complementary missions and perspectives on digital technology, it seemed only natural for us to join the Educnum network, which we have always had close connections with” explains Pierre Bonis, CEO of Afnic.

Afnic will brings its knowledge of the Internet (in terms of both its governance and on the technical front) to the table during plenary sessions and as part of collective working groups. It will also open up its content aimed at young people, including the content published on the platform Commence par Ré Afnic will also publish Educnum content, which will be accessible to members of the educational community as part of its workshops run throughout France.