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"Domain name" form: Two procedures soon removed

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Please note: this information was sent by e-mail and by Isabel Toutaud to every ISP member three times: on December, 17 2004, on February 3 and March, 7 2005.

The AFNIC’s Board of Directors has decided on November, 19th 2004 that two procedures of the “Domain name” form should be removed by March, 15 2005.

Modifying the syntax of a domain name, procedure (N)

This procedure was introduced when the Naming charter authorized only one domain name by entity. Now this procedure is obsolete.
From March, 15th 2005, in order to correct the syntax of a domain name, you will have to create a new domain name (procedure C) and then delete the domain name with the bad syntax (procedure S).
There will not be extra charge.

General modifications, procedure (M)

From March, 15, you will have to use the “Modifications Administratives” procedure (A) to modify administrative details and / or the
“Modifications Techniques” procedure (T) for technical configuration changes.
Please note that the procedures A and T were introduced with the liberalization of the .fr / .re registration rules in May, 2004.