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ICANN launches a news site on the new gTLDs

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In June, ICANN decided to formally launch the new gTLDs. In so doing, it emphasized that the final version of the Applicant Guidebook (the previous version was issued on 30 May 2011) would incorporate a number of details that would prove useful later. This was done on September 19 when the Corporation onlined a new website dedicated to the new gTLDs. This document and the other useful information published by ICANN confirm the extremely tight timetable, which means applicants must quickly file for the new gTLDs.

The things to remember

  • Applicants for the new extensions must submit their applications to ICANN between 12 January and 12 April 2012. A word of warning, however: the deadline for registration in the applications system is 29 March 2012, which only leaves applicants two weeks in which to actually file their applications.
  • The extremely tight deadlines mean applicants must quickly select a provider of technical solutions and registry services, such as AFNIC, so that the provider can support the applicants throughout the application process, which begins on 12 January and prepare to manage the gTLDs once they have been obtained. ICANN has published an instructive video on the subject
  •  ICANN will provide an information helpline. In addition, it already publishes answers to Frequently Asked Questions, which it regularly updates.
  • The “Applicant Service Center” will be deployed from the month of November onwards  to answer queries from applicants.                                         


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