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Seminar of the AFNIC Scientific Council, 10 June 2011 Is the DNS here to stay?

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For the first time, the AFNIC Scientific Council is organizing a seminar that will address these issues on June 10 in Paris, in the presence of key players in the French Internet ecosystem.

Proposed after the Annual General Meeting of AFNIC, the seminar organized by the AFNIC Scientific Council on June 10 next is intended for all the stakeholders in the Internet community and domain name market who realise the importance of the issues at stake in the DNS – Domain Name System (or Service).

Program of the Seminar

14:00 Seminar opening and introduction, Laurent Toutain, TELECOM Bretagne, Chair of the Scientific Council

14:10 The place of identification, naming, and the DNS in the Future Internet: Output of the “technology backdrop” survey by AFNIC Mohsen Souissi, AFNIC

14:30 The new uses of domain names and their impact on Internet infrastructure “What are the needs for the DNS in Content Delivery Networks (CDN) today, and in Information-Centric Networking (ICN) tomorrow?” Sara Oueslati, Orange – International Backbone Network Factory “The 42 Experience: a community-based, digital and rootless TLD”, Colin Brigato, EURO-WEB, CEO of 42 Registry and Romain Rivière, Director and Spokesperson for 42 Registry 

15:10 to 15:30 Tea and Coffee Break

15:30 Trends in DNS (re)use for increasingly diverse services “The ONS as a naming service for the Internet of Things”, Sandoche Balakrichenan, AFNIC “Will DNSSEC bring down the certificate industry?”, Phil Regnauld, Bluepipe, member of the AFNIC Scientific Council “Services Discovery via the DNS (DNS-SD)”, Tanguy Ropitault, TELECOM Bretagne

16:30 Panel discussion attended by the speakers Discussions and questions / answers with the audience

17:30 Conclusion Wrap-up of the Seminar by the Chair of the Scientific Council Closing Remarks by the Chair and/or the AFNIC CEO.