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The AFNIC continues its action on KLTE Ltd.'s domain names

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Saint Quentin en Yvelines, November 14 2005

During its October 21 meeting, the AFNIC’s Board of Directors decided to continue its action on KLTE Ltd.’s domain names, for infringing brands property rights. Thus, every new domain name registered by KLTE Ltd. is being blocked.

On the 18th of July 2005, the AFNIC had blocked domain names registered by KLTE Ltd. in order to protect its naming charter against infringing attitudes, such as registering 1200 names mostly very similar to sometimes notorious brand names.
The initial three months blocking period expired last October 18. Called on the consequences that should follow up, the Board of Directors decided to maintain the blocking.

Following the AFNIC’s policy against infringements of its naming charters, confirmed by its Board of Directors, the blocking will be lifted:

either by a court order;
either in the absence of complaint, demand or formal notice for 30 consecutive days.

The list of blocked domain names is made public in order to allow legal claimants to check whether any of these names be prejudicial.

List of KLTE Ltd.’s domain names affected by a blocking operation
updated in real time, with the current file processing, subject to omissions or pending operations.