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The AFNIC defends the .fr Charter and decides to block .fr domains registered by the / association

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Press release
Saint Quentin en Yvelines, July 12th, 2006

The AFNIC noted that the / association
registered more than 7.000 .fr domain names, corresponding for most of
them to family names.

These massive registrations are restraining many individuals to
register their last names under .fr. These registrations are considered
as an obvious violation of the .fr Charter.
Article 12 of the Charter stipulates that third party rights must be respected. The AFNIC has also
received a high number of complaints. The action taken by the AFNIC is
therefore in accordance with its outlines to fight obvious violations of
the .fr Charter.

In order to apply these outlines, the AFNIC’s Board of Directors has
decided to block the domain names registered by / for a three months period. / can contact AFNIC during this period.

The AFNIC will communicate later on how these domain names will be freed
into the public domain. No waiting list will put in place.

The AFNIC remains careful in regards to massive registrations. The AFNIC
published useful documents to know the possibilities for legal
claimants as well as AFNIC’s outlines to fight obvious violations of
its Charter. These documents are available at the following links.

Documents of reference

Naming Charter for .fr domain names

Legal claimants guide in the matter of domain names

Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR)

Outlines of action to obvious violations of AFNIC’s Charters

About the AFNIC

(Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération )

Non-profit organization, the AFNIC is in charge of the administrative and technical management of the .fr (France) and .re (Reunion Island) Internet domain names.
The AFNIC brings together public and private members: representatives
from the French government, Internet users and Internet Service
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