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Detection of domain names used for potentially abusive purposes

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Thanks to Abuse Report, Afnic ensures compliance with ICANN specifications by detecting malevolent activity within a pool of domain names. The tool also allows operations carried out on potentially abusive domain names to be tracked.

A matter of compliance

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) registry agreements require all gTLDs (generic Top-Level Domains) to monitor threats of domain name hijacking, phishing and other malicious activity. 

In order to ensure compliance with ICANN Specification 11.3B, Afnic has developed Abuse Report: a solution that allows domain names used for potentially abusive purposes (phishing, malware, botnet, spam, etc.) to be detected. 

Registry Operator will periodically conduct a technical analysis to assess whether domains in the TLD are being used to perpetrate security threats, such as pharming, phishing, malware, and botnets. Registry Operator will maintain statistical reports on the number of security threats identified and the actions taken as a result of the periodic security checks. Registry Operator will maintain these reports for the term of the Agreement unless a shorter period is required by law or approved by ICANN, and will provide them to ICANN upon request.

ICANN Registry agreement

Specification 11.3B

A simple, effective and scalable solution

Simple to deploy and easy to use, Abuse Report is powered by the most reliable abuse databases on the market and provides daily monitoring of the customer base. Every time a new abuse is identified, alerts are sent by email to the registry, the registrar and the holder. A full monthly management report includes all the provisions specified by ICANN.

Extra feature: Abuse Report also offers a follow-up of the operations carried out on all potentially abusive domain names. 

In addition, the tool can be used by ccTLDs and registrars to monitor their domain name portfolios.

Key figure

100 %

of Afnic customers have successfully passed ICANN audits. 

Information provided in the monthly report

– indicators to monitor identified abuse and operations carried out;

– multiple criteria to analyse potential abuse;

– abusive domain names over the month (and domain names delisted in the past month);

– monitoring of operations carried out: removal from the blocklist, deletion of the domain name, etc.