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.FR Lock: Domain name locking

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Afnic offers a locking solution at registry level to prevent domain name hacking (‘hijacking’). An essential protection service for all organisations whose website and online services constitute a strategic tool.

The threat: domain name hijacking

Hijacking is a form of cyberattack in which the hackers succeed in gaining control of a domain name, enabling them to modify or delete data (for example the IP address of a website they control).  

This type of attack can have serious consequences on activity – redirect to a hacker site, data theft, website inaccessibility – but also in terms of reputation.


By using the domain name registration system, hijacking attacks can target several players:
– a registry;

– a registrar;

– the DNS host. 

In the absence of a public monitoring system for domain name changes, some of these hijackings can go unnoticed. Which is why it is vital to take precautions to prevent them.

The solution: a registry lock service

.FR Lock is a 24/7 domain name lock and unlock service.

.FR Lock : 5 steps to lock a domain name

.FR Lock : 5 steps to lock a domain name

Here’s how it works:

  • the domain name is locked at the registry level, preventing all operations and updates that may affect the resolution of a domain without the knowledge of its owner;
  • this lock can be removed permanently or temporarily (48 hours) to allow modifications to the domain name;
  • this temporary unlock request is protected by a two-factor authentication process and Afnic verification.

An ANSSI recommendation

In its Best Current Practices for Acquiring and Using Domain Names, the French Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI) recommends that users “choose a registry offering a registry lock service and get contractual commitments or assurances as to the level of service guaranteed for this functionality”.

Best Current Practices for Acquiring and Using Domain Names

Subscribe to the .FR Lock service

.FR Lock provides an additional security barrier for all companies and institutions whose website and online services constitute a strategic tool, and more generally all organisations whose website generates high levels of traffic, data collection or bank transactions.

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Over 400 of the most popular .fr websites in France are already secured with .FR Lock.

Subscribe to the .FR Lock service

All accredited .fr registrars can offer the service to their customers. The service is subject to a specific contract, signed between Afnic and the registrar prior to its activation.

Afnic is on hand to support registrars in the implementation of this service and to help them raise awareness among their customers. 

Registrars offering .FR Lock


List updated September 2020