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To help you monitor your business and support your customers using data, Afnic has developed .FR Performance, a comprehensive management tool that adapts to your needs.

Short on time to process your data? Don’t have a management tool to monitor your business? Need to know your customers better to boost sales? Want to develop new products based on data? .FR Performance gives you access to detailed data about your business, your customers and the market for .fr domain names.

This service is available in 3 customised offers, according to your needs: Essentiel, Croissance and Platinium.

.FR Performance : 3 service options

.FR Performance : 3 service options

The Essentiel pack: business monitoring

Administrative and financial monitoring, dashboards, reporting, etc. The Essential pack provides ‘at-a-glance’ tracking of your business:

– Overview of your portfolio;

– Monitoring of operations carried out on domain names;

– Data export for ad hoc analysis.

This pack is accessible to all registrars via the Extranet.

The Croissance pack: understanding your customers and your market

Gain insight into your customers, compare yourself with other market players and carry out targeted operations: the Croissance pack provides a complete dataset on your portfolio and numerous benchmarking opportunities: 

– Customer segmentation by industry, geographic area, size, etc.;

– Data on incoming and outgoing transfers;

– List of domain names and their attributes visible in WHOIS;

– Analysis of your performance compared with the market.

This pack is accessible to all ‘Option 1’ registrars via the Extranet.

The Platinum pack: developing new services and your consulting activity

To expand your range of products and services and give your customers greater added value, subscribe to our value-added additional data analysis services for each domain name in your pool. 

The Platinium pack is specifically designed for ‘Option 1’ registrars, and encompasses a range of services developed by Afnic:  

– Zonemaster: analysis of the technical configuration and use of your domain name portfolio (emails, websites, etc.);

– SQUAW: access to the list of domain names and holders registered every day;

– .FR Watch: monitoring of up to 20 character strings;

– Suggestions of domain names to be locked based on DNS traffic.

Identify opportunities with .FR Watch

.FR Watch enables you to monitor brand names on your own behalf and on behalf of your customers, and identify opportunities to register high added-value domain names.
.FR Watch identifies domain names using the character strings (20 max. with the Platinium pack) you set. The solution also identifies non-existing domain names (NXDomain) in order to detect opportunities based on internet user queries.

Download the .FR Watch brochure