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Shared data: reuse .fr data

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By publishing several million items of public data related to .fr, Afnic is continuing its initiatives to promote an internet open to innovation.

Monitoring, benchmark, new market trends, comparative analyses: sharing data is a key factor in enriching knowledge, identifying opportunities and supporting innovation. An advocate of an open internet and partner of, Afnic encourages the reuse of .fr data by providing registrars and the entire community with millions of items of data every month, as well as the daily list of registered domain names. 

OpenData: a comprehensive overview of .fr activity

The .fr OpenData initiative is part of the open data movement introduced by the Etalab mission. This free service accessible to all is offered under open license to allow open reuse of data for the purposes of market analysis and benchmarking, geographic analysis, monitoring, and all other activities that create value for the community. 

Which domain names are derived from first names?

Discover an example of use of Afnic open data on the Afnic blog – with tips to take your analyses even further.

Read the post by Stéphane Bortzmeyer

OpenData: useable data

Every month, we publish several millions of items of data, organised into three main sets: 

public data on domain names (geographic data, creation date, registrar, etc.) ;

the main indicators of .fr activity (pool, creations and renewal, etc.) according to the main lines of analysis: temporal, geographic, type of holder, etc. ;

a directory of accredited registrars.

Automatable formats facilitate advanced processing of these data, and comparison with other data available as open data to identify new trends. 

All of this information is archived, with a time scope of over two years. The data are updated on the 15th of each month:

For the year 2022, the data is available from January to September.

Legal notices for use of our free services

Within the framework of the use of OpenData data and the daily list of registered domain names, information is collected and made available according to professional standards. Afnic cannot be held liable in the event of error or omission in the information provided. The information provided is available to consult and download free of charge, unless specified otherwise, and may be reused, including for commercial purposes, without a licence and without payment of royalties; reuse is, however, subject to respect for the integrity of the information and data and to specific reference to sources.

SQUAW: Whois Data Access Qualified Service

The SQUAW service allows you to download each day the Whois database : all the registered .fr domain names, with their registrars and their holder (respecting the anonymity of individuals).

This service can be used by companies who wish to preserve their rights on the Internet or by registrars that offer automatic alert services on fraudulent usage of domain names (cybersquatting, spam) – or by companies that wish to make studies on the domain name market.

Please note : SQUAW is a paying service, available by submitting a case, or fully integrated to our .FR Perfomance offer.


Subscription terms and eligibility for this service