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Training: Domain names and online abuse

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Domain names constitute sources but also targets of malicious practices on the Internet, including cybersquatting, typosquatting and phishing. Yet specialists are still struggling to classify the numerous types of abuse to which they are subject and to act with the appropriate legal tools.

For domain name professionals it is imperative to master the legal context and the most appropriate solutions for identifying, preventing and putting a stop to these various kinds of abuse and thus support their clients in protecting and defending their rights (domain names, brands and trademarks, signs and logos, corporate names, etc.).

Description and teaching objectives of the training programme

This training course will enable you to

  • Define a domain name abuse in order to qualify it
  • Identify the players involved in the abuse to determine the best approach for dealing with the case
  • Establish the link between the facts, situation, and legal/technical to strengthen the abuse qualification
  • List and explain solutions for a better protection against abuses
  • Propose relevant solutions to stop the abuse and bring its consequences under control



2 days


Target audience

IP consultants, lawyers, IP legal experts with major groups, registrars, professionals intermediating between Afnic and a victim.



Participants must be professionals concerned by the problems of abuse linked to domain names of any TLD but particularly .fr.



Nathalie Boulvard, Senior Legal Expert & DPO, Afnic
Marianne Georgelin, Legal Director, Afnic


Training location

The training will be delivered face-to-face in Paris or La Défense.
You will be informed of the training location 15 days prior to the session selected.



An initial assessment in the form of a quiz and a final assessment in the form of a practical case.



€1,400 excl. tax per participant
If you wish to register several persons from your organisation, please contact us for a quotation.

NDA DIRECTTE: 11788446878

Our experts can adapt to your needs and design a custom training course.

Contact us for a personalised quotation
  • Day 1 – Morning: Defining an abusive practice in the domain names sector

    • Key concepts
    • Defining an abusive practice in the domain names sector
    • Identifying the categories of actors and their roles in abusive practices

    Day 1 – Afternoon: Classifying an abusive practice – Assessment

    • Classifying an abusive practice (report form)
    • Listing and explaining the solutions available for clients to defend themselves against abuse
    • Training assessment: Quiz

    Day 2 – Morning: Putting a stop to and controlling the abusive practice and its consequences

    • Diagnosing the solutions pertinent to the particular case in line with the objective set together with the client
    • Identifying and describing the strategy for putting a stop to and controlling the abusive practice and its consequences

    Day 2 – Afternoon: Preventing abuse – Assessment

    • Diagnosing the pertinent solutions for preventing abuse
    • Identifying good practices in the area of domain name registration and management
    • Identifying solutions for keeping watch on domain names
    • Putting in place a procedure for classifying abusive practices and a defensive strategy
    • Final assessment: Practical case

Next sessions

May 23 & 24, 2024

If anyone participating in the training course has a disability, please contact us on +33 (0)1 39 30 83 59 so we can make suitable arrangements.

Last updated on 29th November 2023

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