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Performance: resilience and service quality

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Afnic sets itself demanding objectives in terms of resilience, but also service quality. With humility, since there is no such thing as perfection, but with unfailing determination. Fulfilment of these commitments is validated by regular audits.

Commitment to availability of the .fr

The availability and processing speed of the DNS are the first indicators of Afnic’s performance. 

This is a formal commitment, embodied in the agreement with the State: the overall availability rate of the .fr resolution service must be 100% in less than 250 ms. The level set for the .fr is thus higher than that of ICANN.  

This indicator, measured by the Atlas Internet measurement network designed by RIPE (the body responsible for managing IP addresses in Europe), is published every month. 

In 2020, the average response time was around 80 ms. 

Monthly service quality indicators

As well as the DNS availability rate, Afnic publishes a complete report on service quality every month. The main indicators monitored are as follows: 

– availability of the domain name create operation and the number of operations processed in less than 3 seconds 

– availability of the Whois directory service and the number of queries answered in less than 500 ms 

Other indicators refer to customer service, in particular:

– the number of calls from Registrars handled in less than 3 minutes 

– the number of email requests receiving a tailored response in less than 2 days 

– notification of maintenance operations on the technical infrastructure and communication on the website in the event of a disruption to service quality

Our monthly service quality dashboards


Excellence: underpinning the performance of our core business

To support our performance objectives, we put in place the infrastructure and human and organisational resources to match our ambitions. 

Afnic’s infrastructures are based on recognised high-performance technologies in order to ensure the resilience of very high-availability services. Afnic’s technical teams have been experts in the DNS, registry services and their technological challenges for more than 20 years. They also receive regular training to update and strengthen their knowledge of the sector and to learn new skills. Lastly, our working methods are agile and based on an approach that calls for continuous and integrated improvement, structured around a repository of processes.