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Legal and regulatory framework

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In France, management of geographic or country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), such as .fr (France) or .re (Réunion) is governed by Articles L 45 et seq. of the Post and Electronic Communications Code.

The French State designates the registry by decree for a legally fixed period.

In its role as registry, Afnic has signed an agreement with the State for the management of the .fr ccTLD (France). Afnic applies the same level of quality, security, fees, personal data protection and registration rules to the following Top Level Domains corresponding to parts of the French Territory: .re (Réunion), .yt (Mayotte), .wf (Wallis and Futuna), .tf (French Southern and Antarctic Lands) and .pm (Saint Pierre and Miquelon).

Several other texts supplement the legal and regulatory framework to which Afnic’s activities are subject overall, notably with extrajudicial dispute resolution procedures.

Article L.45 et seq. of the French Post and Electronic Communications Code

Article R.20-44-38 et seq. of the French Post and Electronic Communications Code

Designation Order of 25 June 2012

Order of 5 April 2017 extending the designation of Afnic as the .fr registry

Agreement between the State/Afnic for the management of the .fr

Order of 14 March 2016 approving the internal regulations for the alternative dispute resolution procedures