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Values intrinsic to our business lines

‘Incubated’ within Inria (National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology) at the start of the internet adventure, Afnic promotes the values of the pioneers of the internet: openness, integrity and community.

We act with integrity on a day-to-day basis

  • We comply with both the letter and the spirit of the law and make keeping our commitments a priority. 
  • We foster transparency and education. 
  • We express ourselves honestly, among colleagues, with our business partners and in our communications to the public. 
  • Lastly, conscious of the consequences of our actions on others, we ensure that our actions do not create discrimination.

Integrity and ethics as rules

Afnic has enshrined in its internal regulations the duties of loyalty, discretion and confidentiality, as well as the commitment of its trustees to avoid any conflict of interest in the performance of their duties. 

Download the Internal Regulations

We put people at the centre of all our actions

  • We respect the people affected by our actions, by listening and being open to dialogue. We consider that this respect for people also involves open and frank discussions on the difficulties encountered. 
  • We do not rush to judgement and we trust our employees, encouraging initiative and autonomy. 
  • We understand that employee fulfilment enhances performance, so we take care to maintain a balance between professional and personal life.

Equality in the workplace

At Afnic, we have long been attentive to equality in the workplace, and particularly gender equality. We have evaluated our first gender equality workplace in 2019: the result was 86 points on 100, 95/100 in 2020 and 98/100 in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Therefor, by the end of 2023 our workforce was 47% female and 53% male and our Management Committee is composed of 4 women and 3 men.

We place our professionalism at the service of the internet community

  • The best measure of our performance is the satisfaction of our clients, our employees and the entire internet community, and we are constantly seeking to improve this performance. 
  • We agree to question our practices when necessary in order to respond professionally to the demands of our clients and the internet community.

We are part of a team, at the service of the internet

  • The internet is an excellent example of how, as a team, individual efforts in the service of a common goal produce a result greater than the sum of each of these efforts (‘1+1=3’). We apply this principle to our decision-making and to the search for solutions that are the subject of collective discussions within Afnic and with our stakeholders. 
  • We favour collective performance measurement. We celebrate success as a team and stand together in the face of failure when it happens. 
  • In the face of the unexpected, we ensure that we remain accessible and available to our clients, colleagues and the community at large. 

We approach change with determination and perseverance

  • We appreciate the challenge of finding solutions to difficult problems. In doing so, we sometimes make mistakes. We accept these as opportunities for learning and continuous improvement. 
  • To confront these setbacks or particularly complex situations that we encounter, we have the stamina to take action over periods that can sometimes be long.