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Naming policies

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Domain names are assigned and managed in the general interest in accordance with rules that are non-discriminatory and transparent, ensuring respect for the freedom of communication, entrepreneurial freedom and intellectual property rights.

In application of the provisions of the French Post and Electronic Communications Code and the agreement entered into with the French State, we have published a Naming Charter. It sets out the conditions for the assignment and management of the domain names under our responsibility, namely the following: .fr (mainland France and Corsica), .re (Réunion), .yt (Mayotte), .pm (Saint Pierre and Miquelon), .wf (Wallis and Futuna) and .tf (French Southern and Antarctic Lands).

We establish and keep up to date a list of domain names for which registration is subject to prior review. This updated list allows us to ensure respect for public order, morality and the rights guaranteed by the French Constitution and French law, as well as respect for intellectual property and personality rights.

We also provide access to other documents on registry policies to download.