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.fr has just passed the 3 million domain names milestone

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This new milestone for Afnic and the .fr namespace would not have been possible without the action and the efforts of all its registrars and their resellers, the support of holders of domain names under the .fr TLD or the dedicated commitment by the association’s teams.

Trois millionsWe are already 3 millions ! .fr is the official provider of online success.

The Afnic Board of Directors would like to thank all of the players and stakeholders in the Internet community in France who have contributed to that level of development. We are fully aware that it is only through such collective action that .fr has passed the milestone of 3 million domain names.

10 years ago, .fr was made available to individuals. The progress and success of .fr have continued ever since. With its adoption by companies, associations and individuals increasing day by day, .fr has become a major GeoTLD in Europe.

Afnic is also making greater progress every day in order to remain one of the major players in the Internet sector in France, be properly represented on the international market and project a high-level image of France worldwide.

The association’s Board of Directors is confident that every user of .fr domain names will continue to demonstrate their confidence in Afnic.

With that aim in mind, the Board will make every effort to ensure that Afnic continues to:

  • Serve the objectives set by the government,
  • Offer increasingly powerful and scalable solutions to all the TLDs it operates as the center of excellence in France and French-speaking countries for naming on the Internet,
  • Respond as a partner with its distributors to the needs of .fr users and those of the other TLDs for which Afnic is responsible, in particular by developing a center of excellence in France on online presence for small, medium or large companies and associations,
  • Provide support, with the assistance of the Afnic foundation, for projects to develop an inclusive Internet,
  • Make the voice of France and French-speaking countries heard with respect to global Internet governance issues.

Backed by the participation and action taken by all of our stakeholders, Afnic’s vision is to make France a European leader in online presence.

The Afnic Board of Directors

23 December 2016