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[Success stories] They chose to have their own TLD

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The development in uses on the web means each organization has to rethink its digital strategy in order to remain competitive and continue to develop.

As such, a custom internet extention (TLD) is a key factor in redefining an organization’s digital namespace.

Since 2012, 645 global brands have seized that opportunity and launched their own domain extension:,,,, to name a few…

In my previous article, I presented the benefits of an online presence through a custom domain extension.

Today, I’d like to discuss the experience of 2 customers – MMA and the City of Paris – whom we have the pleasure of supporting. Why did they create their own Internet suffix? What was Afnic’s role? What have been the results?


Keeping close to the customer is the hallmark of MMA, the mutual insurance company. With 1800 sales outlets in France, the challenge for MMA was to extend that  proximity to its digital namespace, but keep control of it.

Using benchmarking and a detailed survey of stakeholders’ needs, we helped MMA prioritize their projects and define an action plan to ensure an effective digital transition. We helped them create and deploy their TLD with their agencies. Now the web addresses of MMA affiliates all have the same format, and the insurance company can control their creation and deletion. The .mma TLD helps to create a coherent, consistent and controlled digital presence.

MMA has called on Afnic again for consolidation work following its merger with the MAAF as part of the COVEA group.

Paris City Hall

Companies and fans of fine food, fashion or culture systematically associate all three with Paris. To reinforce that intangible link, Paris wanted to create its own digital namespace with a TLD for its name.

Afnic helped Paris City Hall define its project, right up to the technical deployment of the .paris TLD. Paris relied in particular on Afnic’s expertise to ensure a large-scale launch for its extension. To do so, Afnic developed and supervised a “pioneer” program, with a hundred ambassadors, including major brands, start-ups and bloggers.

With a community of more than 20,000 users, the .paris TLD, operated by Afnic, is now the leading geoTLD in France.

Now let’s identify together the benefits of a custom domain extension for your digital strategy!

Are you planning to have a TLD with your own name? Would you like to discuss the subject with experts?

As a leading player in Internet suffixes in France, we have successfully supported 17 candidates in the launch of their own TLD suffix since 2012.

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