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Opening of 1 & 2 character(s) under .fr : Last week of Landrush

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Since the opening of this new phase, several hundred domain names under .fr with 1 & 2 character(s) were registered, illustrating the real interest holders can have for these rare and significative domain names.

Within the last 15 minutes of the previous phase, where domain names were invoiced 5.000 euros excl. VAT each, Afnic noticed an acceleration of registrations (more than 300).

We are now investigating with the concerned registrars in order to make sure they have ensured the necessary funds for this important sum that will flow into the new Afnic foundation for digital solidarity.

Such operation, if done without the will to pay the due amount, would represent a hindrance to the equitable access by all to these domain names. If this would be the case, Afnic would take immediate mesures to punish the guilty registrars and release the domain names unfairly registered.

We will keep you informed on this subject before Tuesday 10 March at noon.