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The new law on domain names is adopted on first reading by the French National Assembly

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On 6 October 2010, the Constitutional Council declared section L. 45 of the Post and Electronic Communications Code unconstitutional and set a deadline of 1 July 2011 for the legislature to provide a new legal framework for  Top Level Domains corresponding to the national territory.

The text adopted on 13 January takes into account the main points raised by the Constitutional Council and explicitly refers to the constitutional rights involved in the Freedom of Communication and Freedom of Trade.

The new law also reinforces key principles for the players in the domain name market such as the first come, first served rule, or the accountability of applicants for domain names in relation to the rights of third parties.

AFNIC welcomes this significant step forward, achieved despite an extremely tight parliamentary schedule. It encourages all the stakeholders in the domain name market in France to share their opinions and proposals in order to complete the work on time.
The draft will soon be handed over to the Senate, where it should pass during the coming weeks.
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Article 12 – Texte adopté n°594 – Projet de loi portant diverses dispositions d’adaptation de la législation au droit de l’Union européenne en matière de santé, de travail et de communications électroniques, adopté par l’Assemblée Nationale
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