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Training: Understanding the stakes in Internet governance and taking a stance

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Various stakeholders currently participate in Internet governance: governments, the private sector, the tech community and civil society. These groups have different ways of thinking and different strategies that can be complex to interpret and which cover dense and diverse topics: cybersecurity, technical infrastructure, regulations, geopolitics, etc. They thus contribute to the definition and development of the norms and standards of this dynamic ecosystem.

Anyone wishing to be involved and represent their organisation in the different governance forums, spread their ideas and contribute to updating regulations must first of all understand the stakes and roles of the different stakeholders in Internet governance. By taking part in this training programme, you will gain the knowledge base needed to be able to take a stance and act within the various bodies.

Description and teaching objectives of the training programme

This training course will enable you to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the ecosystem (locations, players, and processes) to establish your position
  • Pinpoint the challenges (cybersecurity, protocols, standards, regulation) to be more specific in your interventions
  • Clarify your strategic communication to better interact with the stakeholders
  • Help your organization coordinate its involvement in order to achieve strategic objectives
  • Build a roadmap to engage stakeholders and spread your ideas to the relevant parties
  • Evaluate the results of your actions to adjust them


2 days

Target audience

  • Directors and senior executives of large tech groups wanting to gain a grasp of the geopolitical workings of the Internet
  • Domain name professionals, legal experts and Internet professionals
  • Anyone representing their structure on Internet governance bodies

Afnic trainers

Lucien Castex, Representative for Public Affairs
Richard Coffre, Project Manager

Training site

Classroom-based site in Paris or in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines


Practical exercises will be carried out throughout the course to help assimilate the methods and concepts presented.


€1,400 excl. tax per participant
If you wish to register several persons from your organisation, please contact us for a quotation.

DIRECTTE declaration number: 11788446878

  • Day 1 – Morning: stakes and stakeholders in technical Internet governance

    • From Internet to Internet governance: the main stakeholders
    • Technical Internet governance: protocols, standards and technical intermediaries
    • Standardisation and management of critical infrastructure
    • Practical exercises

    Day 1 – Afternoon: Internet public policies

    • Structure of the Internet governance ecosystem: IGF, WSIS+20, ICANN, UIT, etc.
    • Focus on ICANN and domain names
    • Internet governance and governance on the Internet
    • Mapping of stakes-stakeholders
    • Practical exercises

    Day 2 – Morning: Internet governance in practice

    • Adaptation of the mapping to a selection of topics covered by the participants the previous day
    • Use case based on one stake: complementarity of Internet regulation and governance
    • Use case based on a second stake: cybersecurity
    • Practical exercises

    Day 2 – Afternoon: feedback

    • Emerging technologies, societal and legal questions
    • Use case: how to participate in Internet governance bodies on an operational level
    • New challenges and outlooks: topical issues and latest developments
    • Final assessment

A custom training course

Our experts adapt to your needs and challenges and design custom training modules.

Contact us if you are interested in a personalised training project.

If anyone participating in the training course has a disability, please contact us on +33 (0)1 39 30 83 59 so we can make suitable arrangements.

Please contact us

Last updated on 11th May 2023