Market share trends on the French Market 2007 - 2013

September 2013. An analysis of market share trends for the .fr TLD and the other ccTLDs on the French market highlights the leading role of the .fr TLD


  • Over the period in question (2007-2013), the market share of the .fr TLD increased by 10.7 points (from 25.6% to 36.3%)
  • At the same time, the .com dropped 5.4 points (from 48.6% to 43.2%) and the other TLDs decreased by 5.3 points (from 25.7% to 20.3%)
  • While the leader remains the .com, the fastest growing TLD is unquestionably the .fr, which has gained a significant amount of ground since 2012
  • The virtually inverse development curves for the .fr and .com TLDs show that the main competition in the French market is between the two of them, with a correlation index of -0.83
  • The other TLDs are steadily losing ground, but more in favor of the .fr TLD (correlation of -0.57) than for the .com (with a very low correlation of 0.01)
  • These correlation coefficients show that although it is not the leader in terms of overall market share, the .fr TLD is the benchmark on the French market since its performance determines the market share of its competitors more than that of the .com





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