Remember to renew your domain name

Your domain name is yours for a limited time. Contact your registrar before the expiry date to complete the renewal process.


From the very start of the Internet, it has never been possible to buy a domain name outright. The right to use it on an exclusive basis is granted to you for a limited period. In France, for the .fr, .re, .yt, .pm, .wf and .tf TLDs, this period is one year. From the perspective of AFNIC, renewal is by tacit agreement and results in the billing of an annual fee. The invoice is sent to your registrar, which has one month to pay it.


In practice

As for the registration of your domain name, you should contact your registrar in order to renew it. Even if your contract includes automatic renewal for several years (typically two to five years), it is useful to check each year before the expiry date whether the renewal process requires your intervention and/or payment or not. Use the opportunity also to check the accuracy of your contact details and the administrative information recorded in the Whois directory.


Pay attention to deadlines

Remember that if your registrar has not heard from you before the deadline, the registrar will send a delete order to AFNIC, so that it does not have to pay the renewal bill for you. After a redemption period of 30 days for domain names with the .fr, .re, .yt, .pm, .wf and .tf TLDs, your domain name returns to the public domain, i.e. becomes available to the entire Internet community.

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