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.RE: the internet of Réunion

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Almost 36,000 businesses, organisations and private individuals use a .re domain name to affirm their belonging to this French département and its internet community.

 .re is the country-code Top-Level Domain designating the territory of Réunion island, a French overseas department. It is a way of showing territorial affiliation or specifically targeting this audience by emphasising the community link.

Like for .fr, the management of .re domain names has been entrusted to Afnic (Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération), since its opening in July 2001 and governed by the Naming Charter. This Charter ensures respect for the general interest, the rights of third parties and the technical quality of domain name services for .re.

.re domain names also benefit from the same level of stability, performance and security as .fr domain names. The .re TLD notably implements DNSSEC protocols, guaranteeing the integrity of DNS information from the .re zone.

Accessible within the European Union

.re domain names are accessible to natural and legal persons residing within the European Union as well as Switzerland, Norway, Island and Liechtenstein, for a period of 1 to 10 years. Registration is conducted exclusively via Afnic accredited registrars, the list of which can be found in our Registrar Directory.

Do you want to become a .re registrar?

.re is exclusively issued by Afnic accredited registrars which (both on the island and outside) provide the link between inhabitants of Réunion and their .re.

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