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One of the large European IP networks. The term is based on the word "backbone".


Email address

Identifies the sender or recipient of an email. The address consists of a personal identifier, such as "john-smith" and the ID of the post office, such as "" separated by the "@" sign. The post office is necessarily attached to a domain name.



Method that ensures the confidentiality of data by replacing each item of information with a code that only the sender and recipient know (the encryption private key) and a decryption permit that enables access to the data (the public certificate). Afnic uses this technique to protect the data of its members.



TElephone Number Mapping

The ENUM standard defines a protocol and an architecture based on the domain name system. It enables the matching of phone numbers (E.164) with identifiers of communications services by order of priority: email address, website URL, IP telephony server address, voicemail, other phone numbers, etc.



Extensible Provisioning Protocol

EPP is a standardised interface protocol for use between a registry and its registrars. It automates the operations involved in domain names using a standardised, secure process.The EPP protocol is available for all the TLDs operated by Afnic.


EU (.EU)

ccTLD for the European Union.



Term sometimes used to designate the last part of a domain name.

Example: ".fr" in "".

Synonyms: Suffix, TLD, ccTLD (type) gTLD (type).