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Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy

Guidelines adopted by ICANN (based on WIPO recommendations) and governing the uniform dispute resolution policy for domain names.

They set forth the terms and conditions applicable in a dispute between a third party and any other party (other than the registrar) about the registration and use of a domain name.


For further information: please see our Dispute Resolution section.



International Telecommunication Union

The standards body that dates back to the age of the telegraph (1865) and is attached to the United Nations (UN). It is responsible for overseeing the general organisation of telecommunications, and their standardisation, and allocating radio frequencies.



Action undertaken by Afnic, which consists in re-registering a domain name on the DNS servers of the registry and removing "blocked" from the Whois directory, if the shortcomings that led to the blocking have been corrected by the holder.


See also: Blocking



Name of a high performance recursive and caching DNS resolver implementation. Unbound is designed with DNSSEC in mind and runs on a wide variety of platforms including BSD, Linux, and Windows. Unbound is maintained by NLnet Labs. The source is freely available under the BSD license.



Network accessible via IRC.



Uniform Resources Locator

www syntax used to specify the physical location for a file or resource on the Internet. In a sense, it is the descriptor of the access path to a Web resource.



See: Forum