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Nobody can deny that the new domain name of is the best ad possible for the .xyz TLD.

It is important to note, however, that the .xyz already featured at the top of the standings for new TLDs before the publicity stunt[1]. Its high growth rate has been the subject of several controversies in the sector, with the race for volume sometimes resulting in a few rogue practices. Domain names were automatically allocated to holders of other names under other namespaces[2], and in certain cases, several names were instances of cybersquatting[3].

The strategy of the registry and its CEO, Daniel Negari, has always been extremely aggressive: knockdown prices and hype, to the point where they started to annoy the Verisign major, which manages almost half of the domain names in the world. Last December, Verisign assigned the .xyz registry and its owner for false advertising[4].

In the domain name industry, sometimes more or less artificial growth of this kind only lasts a certain time – one year, to be precise:  the challenge lies in having all of the domain names renewed. But, to date, the latest news has vindicated Daniel Negari.

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