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For the record, belongs to a subsidiary of BMW[1], which specializes in long-term vehicle loans and fleet management. Apparently, Google did not even bother to contact them about the domain name[2].  Some may see a touch of revenge in their approach (see the following article), backed by the fact that Google’s announcement saturated their website and made it unavailable for several hours. Personally, I see a great publicity stunt for the company, which probably never dreamed of getting so much media exposure…

But let’s continue for a moment to see conspiracies everywhere amid the battles between billionaires’ egos. Why did Larry Page not want a dot-com for his new empire? The answer is simple: his stated challenge is to beat billionaire Warren Buffet, who is still largely ahead in the Forbes ranking of the wealthiest people in the world[3]. The company founded by Larry Page will be fighting the empire of Warren Buffett, the famous Berkshire Hathaway holding company.

Warren Buffet has always claimed he’d never invest in new technologies. But just over a year ago he bought shares in Verisign, which is none other than the US company that manages the dot-com and even maintains the Internet root! How could Larry accept to add even a few dollars more to Warren’s fortune?

Unfortunately, it seems that Warren Buffet is just a model for the founders of Google[4]. Too bad, I liked the conspiracy theory…

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